Our kids loves puzzles and do you want to teach your child the alphabet ? This is the educational app for you!
Alphabet wooden bocks is an educational and entertaining game.
It is a nice, simple, fun, and colorful game for toddlers and kids! Play with alphabet puzzles!
A lot of different puzzles with letters and numbers to keep your kid busy.
Alphabet Game is the best baby puzzle game teach Alphabet

Easy to learn and to control:
-touch the puzzle and drag the letter on the right place
-interact with all the elements on the screen when a puzzle is solved
-when a puzzle is completed next level is automatically load
-endless puzzle gameplay,
-for your babies we have infinite alphabet puzzle game

Available for all screen resolutions and devices, including tablet device as Kindle and Samsung !
Simple and intuitive, your baby will have lots of fun for hours!

This educational game will help your toddler to improve skills in problem solving,
logical and cognitive skills, concentration and memory.

– Easy to use and control
– learn to recognize letters, numbers
– high quality puzzle game for toddlers and preschool kids from ages 0 to 7 with colorful letters!
– fun for children
– Simple for toddlers and babies with increasing difficulty
– Toddlers develop their fine motor skills by dragging and dropping puzzle pieces
– Play with your child or let them play alone
– use it to keep your baby or toddler occupied
– A lot of alphabet puzzles!weeklly updates on new puzzle blocks
– randomly generated puzzles! this educational game will never finish!

Completelly free baby puzzle Alphabet Wooden Blocks.
Fun and enjoyable to learn and play with great colorful puzzles, this is a must have alphabet puzzle!
A lot of educational puzzles for teach toddlers and young kids!!
Your child will learn letters, numbers and loves Baby Alphabet Wood Puzzle.

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